As one of the creators of the event program for the IKEA Festival in Milan 2017, I was asked to create a new format for a design competition for students that IKEA can own going forward.

We only had three weeks so I immediately starting collaborating with IKEA Italy and IKEA HQ to make everything come together.

My tasks included: Planning the 1,5 hour show, writing the invitation, the brief, the feedback guidelines for the judges, coaching the finalists in presentation techniques and providing them with a presentation structure. To ensure a smooth execution I also briefed the event manager plus light and sound technicians. To ensure good footage I also made sure the that the two separate camera crews were up to speed. 

And lastly I hosted the show which was a lot of fun. The panel included Marcus Engman, Head of design at IKEA, Belen Frau, CEO of IKEA Italy and Sabine Berntsson, Business Area Manager, IKEA. The format is now known as IKEA Democratic Design Challenge.