Driven yet collaborative, ambitious yet humble …


Driven yet collaborative, ambitious yet humble …

I'm an award-winning Creative Director with Nordic roots and global experience. I also write and direct films. I teach creativity and branding at Hyper Island by some referred to as Digital Harvard. 

Main skills: 
Directing // Concepting // Screenwriting // Copywriting // Creative Strategy // Design






When Prada is your neighbor and you’re a supermarket

IRMA is the oldest chain of supermarkets in Denmark. To increase the awareness of their store trapped in the basement under high end fashion department store Illum, we presented their most iconic product, the blue coffee, in a way that only a fashion brand would –

with bold simplicity and a bit of attitude. We call it “Everyday fashion by IRMA”. As a physical manifestation we created a giant perfume bottle, Eau de IRMA, made entirely from coffee packs. Agency: Republica.

1-hour documentary feature film as executive producer and idea conceiver

A cinematographic expedition around the world exploring the question of "What makes a home?" Collaborating with acclaimed Danish director Boris B. Bertram and Creative Alliance we've spent three years developing the concept and have been shooting across 5 continents in 14 countries. Our overall ambition is to make people across the globe reflect more upon what actually defines a home in a world where megacities are growing rapidly,

millions of people are displaced due to conflicts and where climate change and natural catastrophes has become a part of life in this time of massive global change. The film is made possible by IKEA and had its World Premiere at Copenhagen Architecture Festival and has been shown at museums and cultural institutions across the world including MoMA and London Design Museum. The film is based on an original idea by Nikextension & Barkas. Agency: Nikextension

Global creative platform & Film for ikea 2019-20

We captured real people's lives in Stockholm, Kuwait and Bangkok. Made in collaboration with MSL Group and Film de Liberté in Stockholm. Director was Niklas Fröberg and DoP Viktor Kumlin. My role was Creative Director.
Agency: Nikextension

I wrote the creative platform for the global commercial theme of 2019-20 for IKEA together with my awesome team at Nikextension. We were also charged with making a film capturing the feeling of it. From 6,5 hours of material we made a 2 minute internal and therefore confidential film. 

short film "Where the light is" as writer and director

Script & Director: Nikolaj Fremming
Executive Producer: Christian Aronsen
Photography: Kasper Schjønning & Theresa Blank
Producer: Diana Klara Kawa
and many more …

A 10-year old girl is starting to be affected by the evil she sees in the world. She experiences reoccurring nightmares. Inspired by her Father, she finds a way to defy her fears and tries her best to spread her hope to everyone. This is the trailer for the 10-min short film. The production includes a music video for up-and-coming German composer Niklas Paschburg.

3.500 SQM experience space nominated for "best show" at milan design week 2017

Creating a major 6-day exhibition launching 400 products and a new global creative direction from IKEA: "Make Room for Life". This was as challenging as it gets in terms of collaborating across companies, silos, nationalities and disciplines on a 100+ people team. My partner and I were in charge of concept, curation, architectural plan, content for LED screens, design and execution of the Democratic Design Challenge competition, the build-up

plus the production and budget thereof. The IKEA Festival received a nomination for "Best Show" in all of Milan by the official organization behind the Milan Design Week (Salone di Mobile) which is a first for IKEA!

Agency: Nikextension. Chief Curator and Architect: Christian Aronsen

films about real people

I've directed quite a few internal films for international clients lately. In all of them we've tried to keep things real.  No actors, no models – just real people shot documentary style by a very small crew. This is a small selection of some of the wonderful people we've worked with.

Shot on location in New York, Copenhagen and Mallorca.
Director: Nikolaj Fremming
DoP: Morten Kühl Christensen
Producers: Christian Aronsen & Karen Cecilie Sørensen

directing films for IKEA FOOD

Agency: Nikextension
Director: Nikolaj Fremming
DoP, edit, 3D: Morten Kuhl Christensen
Producer: Audun Lyngholm Wittenberg/Mettelise Film

The news from IKEA Food on the back cover of the global catalogue 2016 was the Pulled Salmon Sandwich. IKEA Food asked us to create a film about that and the ASC-certified salmon. Shot on location in the very North of Norway, a smokery in Sweden and in a studio in Denmark. 

IKEA+HAY film. winner at the Lovie awards & shortlisted at the one show

We were tasked with creating a film that would give the first look into a collaboration between IKEA and Danish furniture design company HAY. The main dogma was that we could NOT show any products since they didn't exist at the time of shooting. Talking to the designers we learned that what they had in common was a deep fascination for the raw materials. Thus they became the narrative in this cryptic and surreal choreography.

The film has received a lot of attention and press: Dezeen, Fast Company, Adweek and was featured as Spot of the Week in Lüerzer's Archive. It was also shortlisted for The One Show in 2017. 

Made in collaboration with Morten Kühl Christensen of Kühl & Solvstrom (Motion Director/Animation/Concept) and Barkas (Concept). My role was Creative Direction and Concept. Music & sound by Kong Malthe & Jakob Littauer. Agency: Nikextension

Global Creative strategies for ikea

I've assembled and led teams that are responsible for the global creative platforms for 2018 (Make Room For Life) and 2019 (still confidential). We worked directly the global HQ of IKEA.

We've looked at where the world is going through the lenses of social- and cultural anthropology, psychology and common sense. Those findings were then condensed into a inspirational mindset and a methodology that can be used as springboards for the design process and in turn serve as creative briefs for local agencies in all IKEA markets.

To bring the strategies to life and anchor them internally we employ different kinds of methods including workshops, architectural visions and film productions of considerable size. All projects are confidential. 

Agency: Nikextension.
Made in collaboration with Barkas, 44 & Karen Cecilie.

Carlsberg content for the soccer World Cup created in a 36-hour cycle

To tap into the excitement leading up to the semi finals, we chose to dramatize the battles with the national dances of each country.

The 15 sec. videos were created in a 36-hour cycle from idea, through storyboarding, casting and shooting to upload on Instagram.

Agency: Carlsberg Newsroom

social Content created for carlsberg global

A selection of content pieces created with Carlsberg Social Media Newsroom that I helped kick off. The aim is to create engaging content concepts across platforms – more or less at the speed of the internet.

Carlsberg: The Feeling of the Season End. "Editor's Pick" in CREATIVITY magazine

To mark the end of the Premier League season (soccer) in the UK we created a film that dramatizes the emptiness that fans feel when it's over. We also created a countdown site using the visual concept from the movie - a Newtons Cradle made with footballs.

This is a creation from the Carlsberg Newsroom. All work is created within short deadlines and on small budgets - which makes me even more proud of the result. My role: Concept, copy and creative direction.

Agency: Carlsberg Newsroom

Most viewed YouTube video in DK in Dec. 2013 (beating PlayStation and Samsung!)

When we created the concept for this prankvertising for a chain of supermarkets, we set out to play with the question: Does Santa exist? Well, of course he does. But what role should he play? In the basic set-up we converted people's cars into Santas sleigh while they were shopping -
including four live reindeer. Then something unexpected happened that actually made it even better.

As we’re dressing up the car of two ladies, one of them returns to get her wallet. As she goes back into the supermarket, we remove everything again. Her reaction to that is priceless. This is real candid camera with real people, it’s quite a stressfull process but very rewarding at the same time.


Agency: Republica

The Sound of Freshness - Featured in Google Creative Sandbox

Irma, an old chain of high end supermarkets in Denmark, asked us to raise awareness about its new online shop. The client believed that we needed to communicate convenience. But the real problem with buying fresh products online is that you can’t smell or feel the products through a screen. That's why they had to be at the center of attention.

While smelling and feeling isn’t possible you can still see them, and we engaged another sense: hearing. We asked the musician J.Views to make music with the vegetables and fruits, allowing the products to take center stage and getting people moving to the “Sound of Freshness”.

Artist: J.Views. Agency: Republica

Brand Activation: Real Time Cross Border Penalty Kicks

“Imagine scoring a goal in Italy while you’re standing in the UK”

This concept got a small unknown Danish agency the attention of adidas international HQ in Germany. It embodies everything that is great and magical about football – a Real World Activation concept that integrates actual physical performances with social media in real time.

In the Football Cross Border Competition you will take a penalty kick in your own country against a goalie that is guarding his goal in another country.

So the kicker could is taking the kick in the UK and the goalie is trying to block his kick in Italy – in real-time. Monitors on both ends make sure that the participants and spectators can follow what’s going on and cheer or boo accordingly. It can work on a small scale too – by having pre-recorded kicks from celeb players it can be played in smaller venues. At this stage this is a pitch project but I honestly believe that the potential is huge.

Agency: Konstellation


TEACHING At Hyper Island

TEACHING At Hyper Island


Working with Hyper Island as an INDUSTRY LEADER

For five years I’ve had the fortune to collaborate with Hyper Island in Sweden. As an Industry Leader I am responsible for the content and learnings in the modules "Branding & Communication" and "The Industry". 

I also give workshops on the creative process, concept development, pitching and I am also regularly brought in as an External Examiner.

The aim of my workshop “Create or Die” is to shed some light on the creative process, enabling the students to navigate therein and make the most of it. I show how results can be achieved through simple proactive methods rather than sitting around waiting for inspiration.

The students are given simple tools to improve their output and are taught how to deal with the pitfalls and ambiguity that comes with any creative process. We explore how to come up with ideas for the next big thing and we strive to discover unmet needs through custom made exercises.

A challenge from a real client is always integrated into the workshops. The latest was adidas NEO (briefing via Skype on the bottom-left photo).


Awards & Honors

Awards & Honors