Working with Hyper Island as an INDUSTRY LEADER

For four years I’ve had the fortune to collaborate with Hyper Island in Sweden. As an Industry Leader I am responsible for the content and learnings in the modules "Branding & Communication" and "The Industry". I also give workshops on the creative process, concept development and pitching. I am also regularly brought in as an external examiner.

The aim of “Create or Die” is to shed some light on the creative process, enabling the students to navigate therein and make the most of it. I show how results can be achieved through simple proactive methods rather than sitting around waiting for inspiration.

The students are given simple tools to improve their output and are taught how to deal with the pitfalls and ambiguity that comes with any creative process.

Then we explore how to come up with ideas for the next big thing. We try to discover unmet needs through custom made exercises.

OK so, we’ve got a great idea. Now it’s time to refine. That means crafting all the customer facing elements so that it’s crystal clear what the product does.

This is where “Pitch or Die” takes over and illuminates the delicate art of crafting a presentation and deliver it convincingly.

A challenge from a real client is always incorporated into the workshops. The latest was adidas NEO (briefing via Skype on the bottom-left photo).